All the programs offered by Kindred Soulzs Academy Inc are Divinely guided, downloaded and creatively crafted with pure love, compassion and an urge to serve the greatest good of all. Aligned with the mission to promote soul growth through learning, as the founder, I hold the space creating a nurturing and supportive heart-centred environment for your expansion. As our consciousness expands our Divine spark gets ignited and shines bright. By shining bright we inspire others to do the same. To support you on your quest for learning we offer heart-centred, experiential live certification workshops internationally. While we would love to connect with everyone face to face through live workshops, it is not practically possible. For those we cannot reach in-person we are pleased to launch online certification workshops.

On popular demand we are offering One-on-one Mentoring packages to promote healing and support you as you become a Master of your own destiny. Instead of relying on one modality, the packages integrate all my gifts. These packages are crafted to get results. They are a perfect blend of left and right brain, of intuition and practicality. Divided into four stages they support by helping you identify and acknowledge what needs to heal, help you heal through intuitive healing and spiritual guidance sessions, once healing is complete share actionable tools for integration and lastly make sure the implementation of these is successful.