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Your Masterpiece is being created. Don’t give up!
When we want something badly with all our heart it is already in our sub-conscious....awareness....it belongs to us but we cannot see it yet or the perfect time has not yet come where it manifests in the physical form for us to see it.
Anybody listening?
How many times we feel nothing is working out and it seems everyone is against us. How many times we catch ourselves saying "I wish someone could show me the path or tell me what to do?" We find ourselves going in circles without making progress in the hope of finding what we think is the best for us.
Its time to love yourself up!
How many times do you think of the days gone by and wished you were different or had not done what you did or had made different choices or even feel ashamed, wish you could hide/delete the past....don't let the negative chatter from your Ego bring you down.
Simple tips for a happy life
Life is made of little moments.....moments of laughter, moments of joy, moments of sadness, moments of pain, moments of togetherness, moments of separation and so on. We humans are simple and yet complex creatures of habit.

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Noreen C.

Thank you so much Bhavya for the wonderful workshop. I enjoyed every minute of it. Loved going into my records 🙂 What an eye opener! I came away feeling so different and ready to move on with my life in a very positive way. Can’t wait to do the advanced workshop and so looking forward to […]

Melody Brown

Bhavya Gaur’s Akashic Records Workshop in San Diego was a really profound weekend. These workshops are truly powerful, and weekend intensive is an appropriate label! I could really describe it as coming home. Bhavya has been a wonderful steward on this journey and I am very grateful to have had this experience with her. For […]

Sarita J.

I feel blessed to have met Bhavya. A pure, ascended soul full of good vibes and divine energy. It was an awesome experience going deep into the records getting and feeling the answers that were a mystery earlier. Healing happened and that was a cherry on top. I am glad I did level 1 & […]