“Bhavya is a truly gifted and inspirational teacher – I keep coming back for more.”

~ Felicity Gray England, UK

“The course contents and their delivery was excellent! I look forward to attending the next levels especially after the energy experienced at this level”

~ Satish D Mumbai, India

“Thank you so much Bhavya for the wonderful workshop. I enjoyed every minute of it. Loved going into my records 🙂 What an eye opener! I came away feeling so different and ready to move on with my life in a very positive way”.

~ Noreen C. England, UK

“The Akashic record level 1 workshop was an eye opener for me about myself and the gifts I have. Once the workshop was over, I was not only at ease with doing the readings, it was like a space of divine communion for me. It was a way of serving the people in my life. Each time a client comes for a reading and leaves with a smile on their face, I feel blessed. Akashik Records reading is so powerful and opens up such divine space of peace and healing. Be it about the past, present or future, the way messages and guidance come through – it is amazing to experience the transformation it brings about in people’s lives. It is a gift with no strings attached. Bhavya is a fantastic teacher who makes the entire process of learning a very holistic experience. The way she walks through the various aspects of accessing the records and working with it – the experience is truly awesome! I am glad I learnt it from her as she is a very pure soul and someone who knows full well how to balance the mind and soul while using such a modality. It is indeed a pleasure to learn from her.

Level 2 was a much deeper and transforming experience. Bhavya makes even the most complicated subjects a pleasure to experience. For me, level 2 has given me the much needed tools for healing personal and ancestral challenges. I am looking forward to many more transforming experiences for myself and the people in my life.”

~ Reena S Mumbai, India

“This workshop helped me understand and resolve lots of issues. It also helped me overcome my boundaries, hurdles. It helped me find clarity about the purpose of my life. Thank you Bhavya!”

~ Seema Nigam Delhi, India

“Bhavya Gaur’s Akashic Records Workshop in San Diego was a really profound weekend. These workshops are truly powerful, and weekend intensive is an appropriate label! I could really describe it as coming home.  Bhavya has been a wonderful steward on this journey and I am very grateful to have had this experience with her. For me, being taught how to access my records was a whirlwind of reflection and reconstruction; it helped me find the courage within to face my hardest challenges and honor my Self…The process is ongoing, but new-found strength is inherent from the Records and our loving guides. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey this is a very valuable, life changing practice, and one that I have happily adopted.

I know there are no bounds.”

~ Melody Brown San Diego, CA

“Thank you for the wonderful experience of learning about the Akashic realm and restoring belief that there is a heaven above and our prayers are heard. The course was so well designed.

An experience I will always cherish.”

~ Asha P. Mumbai, India

“Bhavya created a lovely space for the workshop and I felt really safe and supported. The workshop was amazing. I had the most wonderful experience, cleared a lot of ancestral karma and definitely felt really great and much lighter than when I had arrived. I would recommend the Akashic Record workshop…it is fascinating.

I knew nothing of Akashic Records before the course; I am looking forward to attending the next level.”

~ Geraldine R. Ireland

“Totally a new experience and insight into something I was seeking for a few months. Every time Bhavya speaks she actually answers all the questions I have even without knowing. This workshop is a gift for a lifetime. The experience cannot be expressed in words….it is to be felt.”

~ Bandita G Delhi, India


*Disclaimer: The testimonials shared are opinions & experiences of Kindred Soulzs Academy Inc’s course graduates. Individual results and experiences may vary.