To allow soul growth its important to heal past issues, traumas, suppression, patterns etc that are restrictive. Many times we have to unlearn things, release the redundant past, heal so space can be created for learning new and better things that are aligned with divine order, in our highest and greatest good.

We are blessed to be a part of soul groups that chose to incarnate during these times of Earth’s ascension. We are also blessed to have access to many holistic and alternative healing tools available to us, empowering us to play the role our soul set for us in the bigger scheme of events. Originating from One Source and intuitively channelled by many, each is a piece of jigsaw puzzle that compliments and fits in perfectly to complete a beautiful picture meant to guide and propel humanity during these times.

At Kindred Soulzs Academy, we offer you powerful sessions crafted by combining soul wisdom, intuitive guidance and unconditional love. Choose from Crystal healing, Intuitive healing, Akashic record sessions and Angelic messages for support on your soul journey of growth, healing and expansion. Through these tools we help you align with your Soul truth to unlock your inner radiance.

If you are ready to take charge of your life, committed to moving forward and becoming a conscious co-creator (instead of a victim), dedicated to thriving and living your life completely, take a look at the one-on-one Mentoring packages available. These packages are being offered for the first time on popular demand from our loyal clients and come with an inaugural offer.

Our goal is to empower you by providing tools for Self-Mastery. To add a tool to your personal kit or to live your dream of helping others checkout the Programs tab to see if any of the online courses or upcoming Akashic Records Workshop, Crystal Workshop or Reiki workshop resonate with you.

Which session do I choose?

Each session is creatively envisioned in alignment with your soul journey, as needed by you at this point in life. I work from a place of unconditional love as an instrument of Divine, compassionately connecting with you at the soul level and intuitively with your team of Spirit guides.

If you are looking for interactive sessions, have questions that you would like to get answers for; If you would like to get insights into repetitive patterns, stubborn themes, issues or simply guidance about something, then I would recommend Akashic Record Session or Angel Messages. Akashic Record sessions are very healing and bring into awareness all the multi-dimensional information relevant to your current life situation from the soul’s perspective along with options for solutions. Angel messages are messages of love and guidance. In both cases you have the choice to exercise your free will in following or ignoring the guidance that comes.

If you are simply looking for a healing session to restore mind, body, spirit balance and bring serenity and peace, or bring your energy levels up, clear any blockages, remove attachments from your energy field, require a tune up for your Chakras (energy centres) or heal any discomfort, pain etc then I would recommend the experiential Intuitive Healing Session or powerful Crystal Healing Session. Even though I share with you any guidance I receive during the session its not an interactive session where you can ask questions. These sessions involve lying down comfortably and allowing the energies to work on you. To learn more visit the Intuitive Healing and Crystal Healing tabs from main menu.