Hello Beautiful Soul,

My name is Bhavya Gaur and I am the founder of Kindred Soulzs Academy Inc.

Like everyone I went through the twists and turns of the roller coaster called ‘life’. I had a very strong spiritual connection as a child but instead of trusting and embracing my gifts I doubted them. I learnt to turn a deaf ear to my inner voice but (thank God!) could never run away from myself. I grew up feeling lost and out-of-place, questioning my very existence, trying different things to find out what my calling was. The more I denied myself and tried to “fit in”, the more restless I felt. Everything seemed meaningless and my life mirrored the chaos - broken relationships, financial crisis etc etc. Throughout all the confusion I kept wondering why I chose to take this birth and what was it that I was not doing right.

I have been through abuse (verbal, physical, sexual and emotional), divorce, separation from my children. In the midst of the storms that shook my world and everything was beyond control I surrendered and prayed for help. God did not let me down. Come what may, my life is anchored in the belief that I am loved, protected, supported and divinely guided.

What I know now but did not realize at the time was that all the upheaval was only a way to help me blossom into my true magnificence. I truly believe that even the difficult, painful moments that we go through in life have a deeper meaning serving a higher purpose. With complete abandon I humbly asked my angles to guide me so I could serve my life purpose.

This was two decades ago and began with an introduction to Reiki......since then there was no turning back! Appearance of Teachers, guides, angelic support, monetary funds materializing out of nowhere....it has been one miracle after the other. I can only say if I had known that the Universe was just waiting for me to say ‘yes’ I wouldn’t have wasted so many years of my life struggling and denying what was always right in front of me.

I would like to thank each and everyone who contributed directly or indirectly to my soul’s learning experience and spiritual growth. A special heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers who touched my life and helped me rediscover myself.

I work from a place of pure, unconditional love combining soul wisdom, intuitive guidance and Divine grace to gently and compassionately help kindred souls progress on their life path.

 I am here to guide you with actionable tools and hold sacred space as you turn your life around and harness your immense potential, manifesting wonderful synchronicity.

Learning is continuous curve. I learn something new each day in every interaction. The depth of wisdom channelled through the Ascended Masters and Angelic realm during the sessions is immense and I thank you for allowing me to be a minuscule part of your spiritual journey.

In gratitude