Intuitive healing sessions are powerful, experiential sessions where the higher vibration beings of Divine Golden Light are channelled along with visions, guidance, downloads and clairvoyant insights received. Each session is unique, intuitively guided to assist on your spiritual journey and brings a shift to physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and karmic levels renewing the physical and auric bodies.

These sessions are powerful both in-person or remotely. During the sessions the vibration of the body rises in preparation of the higher vibration energies that are channelled. The healing is very deep and does not end with the session. It can continue to unfold up to 72 hours even after the scheduled session is over. The experiences vary based on how open and receptive you are.

During the session you could experience anything from sublime peace, tingling sensation, spanning dimensions, change in body temperature, meeting with your guides and more. 

In preparation for the sessions please wear comfortable, season appropriate clothes and avoid using perfumes as senses are usually heightened during the session. All sessions are done fully clothed.

To experience deep multidimensional healing book a session now.

Intuitive Healing 60 minute session: $222

Intuitive Healing 80 minute session: $265

Integrated Healing session: 100 minute (1 hour 40 minute): $333

(Includes combination of laying-of-crystals, intuitive healing and akashic record session)