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Its time to love yourself up!

When was the last time you really looked at yourself and loved what you saw?

How many times do you think of the days gone by and wished you were different or had not done what you did or had made different choices or even feel ashamed, wish you could hide/delete the past.......

Don't let the negative chatter from your Ego bring you down. The experiences, decisions, choices whether good or bad (just a figure of speech to be honest; I don't believe in the extremes that the words good / bad represent) are what makes you ''YOU"....uniquely so. For every fall you took and got back up, for every time you failed at something and succeeded eventually, for every time someone wrote you off and had to bite their words because you surpassed their expectations, for every hurt...pain you went through and survived, for every fear or obstacle (whether big or small) you overcame...for all this and more give yourself a hug. You officially my friend are not only a Survivor but a 'Thriver'.

You are "Beloved", "Precious", "Dear" (and all the endearments you can think of) to the Creator.

When we make or create something with love how proud we feel because we put our heart into making it. Why would the Creator feel differently after creating you with such pure love?

Its time you 'love yourself up'! No excuses, no 'ifs', no 'buts' and see how your life transforms. Don't be dictated by the labels that the world puts on you. You are Beautiful! If you can learn to believe that.....the world will learn to believe it too.

Celebrate YOU!

Abundant love and blessings from my heart to yours

Bhavya xo

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