Crystals are energy amplifiers. These gifts from Mother Earth are the keepers of ancient wisdom from times immemorial. Based on the need and when the time is right they reveal themselves unlocking the door to esoteric knowledge providing key to the next level in the ascension process. Their timing is impeccable as they find us when we need their support to move to the next step of our spiritual journey. They amplify the process, aligning our subtle energies, raising our vibration to match what we need to attract as support in the process. They love and guide us unconditionally.

Since time immemorial crystals have been used for altars and sacred places to raise the vibration, neutralize negativity and for overall well-being. Each variety of crystal has a unique internal structure, which causes it to resonate at a certain frequency. It is this resonance that is said to give crystals their healing abilities.

Crystal healing is a popular non-invasive form of alternative healing that uses crystals to balance and harmonize the mind, body and spirit at all levels. I personally love crystals and find that once we open ourselves to this treasure of Mother Earth and connect with them there is no turning back. It is one of those love at first sight relationships that only gets stronger. I am a Certified Master of Crystology from TAOMCHI. I buy high quality crystals after individually connecting with its devic energy. I use intuitively guided crystal grids to facilitate holistic healing. If you feel a heart pull towards crystals and the beautiful beings they represent treat yourself to a powerful crystal healing session.

The sessions are 60 minutes except for Integrated sessions that are booked for 90 minutes duration.

Choose from one of our highly experiential, multidimensional deeply healing sessions below:

Crystal Healing Session: $333

Integrated Healing session: $444 (combines intuitive healing, akashic record reading and channelled crystal grid specific to your healing needs) 

If you feel drawn to the world of crystals and would like to explore this relationship join us for one of our live Crystal Certification Workshops.