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Anybody listening?

How many times we feel nothing is working out and it seems everyone is against us. How many times we catch ourselves saying "I wish someone could show me the path or tell me what to do?" We find ourselves going in circles without making progress in the hope of finding what we think is the best for us.

We humans are such creatures of habit and the icing on the cake is that we are short-sighted as well 🙂

Something catches our fancy and we think if we get it, it would be the perfect for us. Then we focus all our energy in desiring and manifesting it. Its like running after a mirage. In our short-sightedness, even though we cannot see beyond the mirage yet we keep pursuing it truely believing that is what we want. Once we convince ourselves that would be the ultimate thing for us.....who cares! we just want it so bad that we try everything - pray, bribe God, work out deals with the Universe, you name it.........we leave no stone unturned to make that mirage a reality. The funny part is that when one technique doesn't work out we try another. We keep trying and the more failure we face the more we blame the Universe for lobbying against us ~ as time passes it becomes a Universal conspiracy against us.

If we could only take a moment to breathe and see why the obstacles are trying to stop us....maybe there is something better waiting for us and if we just let go and have faith we'll be propelled in the direction right for us. Its like trying to swim against the current and then complaining about the hardship and not reaching anywhere. What if the destination is actually along the way the river is flowing!

We spend our energies trying so hard to fight the current, afraid of losing what we percieve is the best for us, that we shut the door to what belongs to us by Divine Right and is waiting to be received into our lives. Think of the obstacles as the red flags/signs trying to stop us from going in the direction we are headed as that might not be the right direction for us. We are shown the path and are told in a subtle manner by our loving angels and guides to turn around but we ignore the subtle signs following our perception of what we believe is right for us.

I can only say one thing that it takes a lot of work, patience and perseverence to be a guiding angel 😉

With much love and joy

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