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Namaste and heartiest welcome to this sacred space. Your being here is not a coincidence, as nothing in life is. Call it curiosity or coincidence, you have been led here by your Spirit guides and your inner desire to seek the soul’s truth and explore who you really are.

You are a soul having a human experience.

Open your heart to look past the labels society has given you. Its time to let your authentic light shine.

We are magical, limitless beings of light and pure love. Across time, space and dimensions we are remembering who we are through lifetimes of living experiences, peeling off layers of ignorance to recognize our true essence by awakening our heart centres. As we progress on the path of evolution we are ascending, beaming light aligned with our Soul truth, blossoming into our true, inherent God-like magnificence to spread the message of love as ambassadors of love.

Our inner universe is the magical place, home to the Soul, a multi-dimensional divine being of love, light and wisdom always connected to its Creator, we fondly call God.

At birth our spiritual connection is very strong but as we age it becomes latent under the influence of our upbringing, culture, beliefs, religion, experiences and other variables creating an emptiness that no materialistic gain can fill. Instead of exploring our “inner universe” and connecting with our Soul, higher Self we search for answers in the outer world which merely reflects our inner chaos. We get so immersed in the third dimensional drama, that we forget we are only characters playing a role in the divinely orchestrated series of events.

Ignorant of our latent connection to the Universe and forgetful of our inherent beauty, love and grace we wander yearning for fulfilment. We overlook our true essence and chase mirages in the hope of satisfying this insatiable craving for fulfillment. As a result the confusion persists making us feel hopeless, broken and incomplete.

Much of the dis-comfort and dis-ease experienced in life is deeply rooted in our consciousness as patterns, suppression, issues, limitations that our soul carries as memories from the current and previous lifetime experiences. By bringing a shift in our awareness and choosing to make changes aligned with our Soul’s truth, we allow magical transformation to take place.

We come from a copious and whole Source. How can any part of bounteous Source be deprived, scarce or incomplete? The idea itself is self-contradictory! What is needed is to go back to the roots and reconnect with the Source – our very essence.

Kindred Soulzs Academy was conceived with a mission to help souls blossom into their true inherent magnificence by creating a nurturing, supportive, heart-centred sacred space that promotes healing, self-empowerment, spiritual growth and expansion.

Our goal is to assist seeking souls, whether they are beginners or advanced in their journey, to align with their soul truth and tap into the highest power of Universal love.

We believe that by opening our hearts and working in harmony with the Divine order we not only embrace our inherent divinity but also appreciate the divine spark in others, creating a compassionate world where all co-exist peacefully spreading love and light, shining bright.

In integrity with our mission we support soul alchemy and empowerment through Akashic Record Session and Angelic Readings, by aligning with the wisdom of Akasha* and angelic realm to help souls align with their Soul truth. Each session is uniquely envisioned for you incorporating guidance received from your Spirit team intuitively.

We support soul growth through healing sessions by clearing, healing limiting patterns, beliefs, issues etc to rekindle hope, joy, love, peace and abundance creating a sacred space for inner radiance to awaken.

We promote soul expansion through learning by offering heart-centred, experiential certification workshops internationally.

By being proactive we become powerful co-creators and masters of our destiny.

If you are ready to step into your power and share the unique gifts that only you bring to the world then come aboard this adventurous journey of self empowerment and healing. Together we’ll illuminate the path your Soul chose to create your healthy, joyful, happy and abundant life. Get ready to fall in love with YOU…the loving, gifted, empowered, unique YOU!

Our Vision

Helping souls blossom into their true inherent magnificence

Our Mission

To create a nurturing, supportive, heart-centred, sacred space that promotes healing, self-empowerment, spiritual growth and expansion

Core Values

Integrity, Respect, Knowledge, Community


To provide mentoring through in-person and online workshops, courses, sessions and one-on-one support to all seekers of transcendental knowledge.